Terms Of Use

We do not allow Users to have emails, URL's or ANY web address/domain names within gig description or title. This causes our visitors to visit your link and then navigate away from our site, resulting in the loss of a potential sale. Please follow these rules strictly and you will have a great experience on Gigver.com, where you can make money for a long time to come! 

Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through Gigver.com. Gigs should be ordered using the 'Order Now' button

a. Gigver.com and its owner(s) assume NO responsibility for any damages, losses, or anything else for that matter when it comes to using Gigver.com and/or anything related to Gigver.com. 

b. By joining this site, all users agree to use this site at their own risk.

c. By signing up/joining, you automatically waive and relinquish your right to sue, bring any charges upon, make any claims against or seek any damages from Gigver.com or its owners and/or affiliated websites for anything related to this website.

d. ALL transactions are between the BUYER and SELLER and Gigver.com or its owners are not responsible for any monies lost or any dissatisfaction with a seller's work.

e. You may cancel an order or report any problems with your order and you may be entitled to a "credit" in the amount that you spent on that particular job. You will not be issued a refund via PayPal, but rather a "credit" that you can use to purchase another "job" on this site or use the funds toward that purchase, if your credit is not enough to purchase that job.

f. You may not post any product/service or job that infringes upon the copyright or trademark of another entity. You will be removed from this site if caught.

g. Gigver.com and its owners are NOT responsible for any copyrighted or trademarked products/services or content that is posted on this site by its users. The users/members have agreed to not post any such content (as in section "f." above) and if they do and are caught, they will be removed along with the content in question. In addition, Gigver.com and its owners assume no responsibility for anything that any member posts or writes on this website.

h. If your content or product is being sold on this site illegally, email Gigver@gmail.com and we will work together to have it removed/taken care of ASAP.

i. By signing up, members of Gigver.com agree to periodically receive emails from Gigver.com regarding special offers or anything pertaining to this website or its services.

j. By posting a "job" on this site, you agree to pay the 20% commission fee to Gigver.com for each sale that is made through Gigver.com.

k. If you post a job with an odd number price, such as $7, $17, $27, etc. (even if it doesn't end in "7") -- The 20% fee will be rounded to the nearest dollar. So, for example, on a $7 job, the fee will only be $1, instead of $1.40. This works in the seller's favor. For a $3 gig however, the fee would also be $1, as opposed to $0.60 (since it's rounded to the nearest dollar). This works in Gigver.com's favor. We suggest posting jobs at prices in multiples of 5, such as $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 and so on. This way the fee to Gigver.com is a "whole" number and comes out to exactly 20% of the selling price.

l. "Featured" jobs on Gigver.com are featured for one of two possible reasons. 1. The job poster paid to have their ad featured for a specific period of time, -OR- 2. The Admin selected a job to be featured due to a variety of different potential reasons. If you are interested in paying to have your ad featured on the top of the homepage of the site (as well as at the top of your category's page) -- see our advertising page here.

m. We reserve the right to change/update the T.O.S. at anytime and it will retroactively take affect and will supersede all previous terms of services and agreements on this site. By signing up, you agree to this term.

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